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Measuring and monitoring the Earth, environmental processes and change, as well as the interaction between humans and the Earth has led to the creation of a growing body of large data sets.

‘Big Earth data’ are gradually becoming a new engine of scientific discovery and knowledge innovation for Earth System Science.

Big Earth Data is an interdisciplinary Open Access journal. It aims to provide an efficient and high quality platform for promoting ‘big data’ sharing, processing and analyses, thereby revolutionising the cognition of the Earth’s systems.

The journal publishes research topics on ‘big data’ studies across the entire spectrum of Earth Sciences. Article types include original research articles, review articles, data papers and technical notes. By providing a platform for the publication of research papers and data papers with descriptions of data sets, the journal aims to promote the principle of data sharing via an open data policy.


Digital Earth is a virtual representation of the planet, encompassing all its systems and forms, both natural environment and human societies, manifested as a multi-dimensional, multi-scale, multi-temporal, and multi-layer information facility. Digital Earth is the framework for geographically linked research and applications in the physical and social domains of the Earth, a digital modeling platform to monitor, measure, and forecast natural and human activity on the planet, and a visualization of the world. It is three-dimensional, four-dimensional if a temporal monitoring component is added, and even five-dimensional if scale is treated as a variable instead of a set of discrete steps. As a global initiative, Digital Earth aims to improve social conditions, protect the environment, and support future sustainable development.

The International Journal of Digital Earth is a response to this initiative. This peer-reviewed academic journal (SCI-E) focuses on the theories, technologies, applications, and societal implications of Digital Earth and those visionary concepts that will enable a modeled virtual world.

The International Journal of Digital Earth is an official journal of the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE).
The International Journal of Digital Earth acknowledges the support of the Key Laboratory of Digital Earth Sciences and the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Chinese Academy of Sciences.